About us

Amprologix, launched in 2018 in collaboration with University of Plymouth, has pioneered a drug discovery programme focused on identifying the next generation of antibiotics.

Partnered with world-leading biotechnology company Ingenza LTD for manufacturing, Amprologix is in a position of strength to combat the growing problem of antibiotic resistance.
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Artificial intelligence

One of the key advantages of Amprologix' work is the use of Artificial Intelligence to accelerate research.

By partnering with STFC (Science & Technology Facilities Council), Amprologix is able to utilize cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to improve antibiotic properties. 

The team

Gordon Barker

Gordon is a serial entrepreneur who has helped negotiate co-development / licensing deals with numerous pharmaceutical majors and helped found and manage a number of University biotech spinouts, including: Microbiosensor, Conformetrix, Ai2 and Gentronix.

Mathew Upton

Matt is a professor of Medical Microbiology at the University of Plymouth and co-founder of Amprologix. Matt discovered the NI01 peptide family whilst working at Manchester University. Matt is also a founder and director of University of Manchester spinout company Spectromics.

Ian Fotheringham

Ian is the MD and co-founder of industrial biotechnology company Ingenza Ltd. Ian and Ingenza bring unique expertise in synthetic biology and production strain optimization to Amprologix.
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